Fitness Classes


  • Next Level Ninja's
  • Obstacle Course Happy Hour
  • Super Fit
  • Family Flow Yoga

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A Bunch of BS (body sculpt)

The ultimate body sculpting workout... designed to develop strength without bulk. This class uses weights, body bars, resistance bands, stability balls and more.

BFF (Best Friend Fitness)

Let's face it, we LOVE dogs around here, and we hate leaving them behind when we come to the gym. NO MORE! Bring your dog and get moving. This class will be a FUN way for you to get some exercise!  Class will be a mix of agility exercises for owners and their dogs and moderate cardio that is pet friendly.. Pets must be on a leash and with their owners at all times. Tennis balls and water for the dogs provided, BYOPB (bring your own poop bag). PLEASE BE AWARE, while we do have a fence around the parking lot, the entire property is not fenced-- just an FYI in case your dog is a FLIGHT risk!  Family friendly class, but dogs must have an owner or family member who is 11 or older in charge of their BFF.

Ballet Burn

This class uses hand weights and ballet movements to improved flexibility, posture, and create long lean muscles.  No dance experience is required!

Flab Blaster (cardio/core circuit)

This class takes place on the gym floor and is a mix of time on a spinning, treadmill, elliptical, EFX or rowing machine.Perfect for those looking to do FAT BURNING cardio and core strength training all in one workout! GET RID OF THE MUFFIN TOP for good!

Family Dance Off

Shake n bake, get the wiggles out, twist n shout, drop it like its hot & get jiggy with Anna. This class is all about having FUN while mixing it up with Hip Hop, Zumba and Modern Dance moves. Perfect for kids and adults of all ages. No dance experience is required, but a sense of humor is!

Float Like a Butterfly (boxing 101- family friendly)

The ultimate fitness workout moves you through various stations from heavy bags, speed bags, shadow boxing , jump rope, footwork, core training and hitting the focus mitts. Kids of all ages and adults welcome! No boxing experience, we do have hand wraps but recommend bringing your own! This is a family friendly class open to ages 5 and above!

MFS  (TRX circuit)

Mobility, Flexibility & Stability  TRX circuit. Improves range of motion, strengthen your movement muscles and improve core stability!

Ninja Training

For ages 5 & Up, this class is all about mastering our indoor/outdoor ninja course. The course features a warped wall, swinging bridge, quintuple steps, monkey bars, rope swings, tire alley and more!  45 minutes of warrior fun!

Ninja Skills
This class is for adults, teenagers and advanced kids. A more difficult and structured ninja class to build strength and skill on more difficult obstacles and challenges.

Pilates Circuit

A combination of reformer pilates, mat pilates.
We teach the classical approach to Pilates in this class. Members spend some time on the reformer as well as on the mat with magic circles. It is a powerful class that will leave you feeling longer and leaner! 

Sports Star Bootcamp

Ages 5 and up will participate in speed, agility, flexibility exercises to increase their athletic potential and LIFE potential! This class is great conditioning and injury prevention for any sport, both during the season and off season. Also great conditioning for parents! This is a family friendly workout!

Stress Busters Bootcamp

Get to the gym and dump your junk! This class is a mix of hitting things, throwing things and swinging things, just what the dr. ordered to get rid of the anxiety and stress that builds up in your body. Kettlebell swings, tire flips, medicine ball throws, kickboxing, punching.... you name it we will do it and you will leave happy and healthy!

Sting Like a Bee (boxing 201)

Building on the skills learned in boxing 101, participants will up the intensity as they move through various stations from heavy bags, speed bags, shadow boxing , jump rope, footwork, core training and hitting the focus mitts. Participants will learn the sport of boxing and prepare for sparring! Some boxing experience (level 101) is recommended and this class is appropriate for adults and kids ages 10 and up.

Three Ring Circus (Sparring/Boxing)

The full monty... skills, drills and ring time! If you are looking to sparre, this class is for you!  Children under the age of 18 must have instructor approval PRIOR to participating in this class! Wraps and your own mitts a must... as well as appropriate footwear for the boxing ring (no street or regular gym shoes allowed in ring) Barefoot is acceptable!

Tabatta Bootcamp- indoor/outdoor

A fantastic, high energy, total body workout that takes participants through various exercises using bodyweight, light weights, bands and tubes. Unlike traditional body strengthening workouts, tabatta is a timed effort followed by recovery! All levels welcome, this class takes place outdoors when possible and indoors when mother nature calls for shelter!

Yoga Sculpt
Combines yoga poses with strength training, cardio, and core work.  Burn calories increase flexibility, build stamina and muscle tone.  At the end of class relax in Shavasana!  Namaste!!!